31 January, 2022

APE Grupo closes 2021 with record sales

Un año de récord para APE Grupo.

APE Grupo closed the 2021 financial year with record sales, reaching 58 million euros in turnover for the first time. This marks a 30% increase over 2020. The increase in turnover has been underpinned by two key factors. First, the significant growth in stable markets such as Spain, France and the USA. Second, its ability to maintain the level of service in a complex environment. In fact, the ceramic sector had a paradoxical 2021. After recovering from the worst months of the pandemic, demand is now higher than ever. The sector ended the year with record sales and export figures, but with lower profits due to increased energy, transport and raw material costs, among others.

The Castellón-based company, which founds its business success on a firm commitment to its own design and on providing a differentiated service, is confident of growing in European countries and the United States. Around 50% of its turnover comes from these regions. However, the APE Grupo’s sales figures correspond to its activity in more than 115 countries in the five continents.

In terms of its commercial brands, APE, the company’s flagship brand, accounts for more than 70% of its sales. Carmen, meanwhile, a brand specialising in decorative ceramics, accounts for more than 20% of its turnover. The rest is divided between XLINING, dedicated to large format ceramics, and other group brands.

Sustainable growth

APE Grupo has continued to grow in a sustainable manner. Since 2019, it has consistently closed the financial years with better figures than the preceding ones. This has allowed the tile company to enjoy good economic health, standing it in good stead to face the most immediate challenges. To this end, the company from Castellón is currently undergoing a digital transformation process in order to optimise efficiency, improve customer value, manage risk and discover new revenue-generating opportunities.

APE Grupo also launched a 4.5 million euros investment plan, which has already been implemented in various projects. These include: the extension of the logistics centre in Onda (Castellón); the construction of a new office building; and the new showroom in the central headquarters in Castellón, which will be ready next spring.

José Miguel Pellicer, CEO of the tile company, said that the new space “is going to be a different concept, an experience-based space where our customers can approach our brand in a sensory and original manner. We like to present our product in a different way, as we have shown over the last few years. With the opening of our new showroom, we will take one more step in this direction.” The opening of the new facilities will coincide with the 30th anniversary of APE Grupo. The different activities conceived to mark the group’s 30th anniversary will begin on 7 February with Cevisama. On this occasion, the company will reveal the special logo that it has created to mark this special anniversary.