XLINING is the new APE Grupo's large-format brand

XLINING, new APE Grupo’s large-format brand

XLINING is the APE Grupo’s new large-format brand. XLINING is an innovative product that offers superior technical and aesthetic properties to conventional coatings. This brand joins APE Grupo, along with APE, the group’s flagship, with more experience and market knowledge, and Carmen, which offers small-format, delicate and technically evolved products. This new product will allow […]

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APE Grupo awakens the senses with ceramics

Ceramics could always be looked at and touched, but now they can also be smelled, heard and tasted. APE Grupo has managed to awaken all the senses with an original staging to present their new collections at Cevisama, with their #6Senses stand. They have done this by combining the product with various different elements that […]

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