APE Grupo opens a new display space

APE Grupo is opening a new display space as an expansion to its innovative showroom in the year of its 30th anniversary. This space covers 1,000 square metres and will see technology and design take centre stage. Clients can explore an unrivalled ceramics exhibition through an immersive experience.

Designed by the studio Idearldeas, the firm from Castellón has stepped outside the box with the premise of innovation as a hallmark through a space that invites visitors to experience ceramics with the five senses. ‘Gravity’ is the star of the exhibition. This cube is suspended in the air and offers 360º projection, generating an immersive experience that creates a parallel between biodiversity and the way in which APE Grupo understands ceramics; in other words, “a living material that can adapt to the environment and has evolved in this regard, just like APE Grupo has been doing since it was founded,” said José Miguel Pellicer during the presentation for the experience.

Furthermore, a stand with capacity for 70 people and a four-metre screen for presentations were built. Across from this, a kitchen area has been created with the idea of carrying out culinary demonstrations, and there is also a restaurant area. In addition, an immersive area has been set out to show off the swimming pool and outdoor collections, which are the company’s key features. Next to this area, the new space for XLINING, APE Grupo’s large format brand and one of the company’s major showpieces for 2023, has been fashioned.

If that weren’t enough, the Design Department has been located in the heart of the showroom. This area has been devised to interact with visitors in an authentic lab experience. Alongside this work area, there is a laboratory zone to showcase the latest trends, prototypes and create ad hoc collections for customers.

The first visits

APE Grupo welcomed a large group from Family Business Network (FBN) of Ukraine, one of Europe’s leading business associations comprising family businesses. FBN members were able to tour the showroom and meet the company’s management team.

Lastly, through the Casa Decor Visita programme APE Grupo welcomed an important group of interior designers from Casa Decor. During this tour, they were able to learn everything there is to know about the company’s ceramic products and, thanks to the ‘Gravity’ technology’, how design impacts people, spaces and cultures.