Special Pieces

Within the range of products, we have special pieces that can solve outdoor spaces, stairs, façades or swimming pools.

Our objective is not only to provide aesthetically well resolved pieces, but also to provide the professional with a work tool that adapts to the needs of each space.

  • Solutions for steps in traditional format and 120 cm.
  • Step edges.
  • Stilts.
  • Handrails.
  • Technical solutions for swimming pools, both with steps and infinity pools.

Residential and Contract Swimming Pools

We have a series of collections specially conceived for the outdoors of houses and hotels with combined solutions for swimming pools.

  • Technical solutions for swimming pools, both with steps and infinity pools.
  • Our main collections, such as Work or Wabi-Sabi have special pieces for swimming pools.

Large Format Porcelain Sheets

We have a wide range of large-format porcelain that reproduces wood, marble, natural stone, cement, metallic… This range of designs is a tool for projecting spaces: facades, wall and floor coverings, interior and exterior furniture, kitchen and bathroom countertop, decoration…

Formats 90×270 cms – 120×260 cm – 120×240 cms – 30×260 cm
Thickness 6 mm – 12 mm

Staron® – Solid Surface

In Ape Grupo we have more than 15 years of experience in solid surfaces. Staron® Solid Surfaces is an acrylic based material made of natural minerals. As decorative as natural stone, but with all the advantages of a solid surface material. As it is solid and non-porous, it can be processed in three dimensions, giving planners and designers maximum freedom.

Although Staron® incorporates all the important qualities of stone, carpenters can work it similarly to hardwood. We have a technical office specializing in advanced building materials that advises you on your projects to achieve the best possible result.

  • Indoor and outdoor coverings
  • Outdoor and indoor furniture
  • Signaling
  • Architecture
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Product design
  • Contract spaces
  • Ventilated facades

Robust and durable

Easy maintenance and repairable.
Flame and shock resistant.

Free from joints

Glues together seamlessly and invisibly.
Soft and flawless to the touch.
Cast-like design.


Non-porous and homogeneous.
Bacteria-resistant and easy to clean.
Resistant to harsh chemicals.


Full-surface backlighting.
Variable luminosity.
Individual backlighting for logos and texts.

Flexibility and variety

TermofoThermoformable and 3D-effects.
Organic and geometric design.
Perfectly suitable for use by carpenters.

Limitless colour variety

150 colours.
Reflection and depth-effect.
Supreme Collection offering stone, marble and concrete looks.

Excelent quality

High quality control policy and a commercial 10-year warranty.
Certified eco-friendly, Staron® contributes to a comfortable and safe environment.

Industrial and High-Traffic Spaces

We have a collection of constructive solutions in extruded stoneware of porcelain paste with a very high resistance for intensive uses. Its surface characteristics (colour, texture, low porosity), shape (modular, thickened, back with dovetail glue) and chemical and mechanical resistance are ideal for application to any coating that is going to be subjected to strong stresses, obtaining finishes of great aesthetic quality, resistance and durability.

Public swimming pools

Our pool solutions are designed to create both public and Olympic pools. It is a collection of constructive solutions in extruded stoneware with all the special pieces necessary to solve all the architecture of these spaces.

Our collection of tiles and special ceramic pieces for swimming pools conforms to the Finnish system. The Finnish system, also known as the continuous overflowing beach system, consists of an edge piece with a safety handle that continues with a slightly inclined plane towards the outer perimeter gutter, which collects the overflowing water towards the purification system. The inclination of the beach attenuates the waves, and the level of the water depth coincides with that of the beach, providing excellent visibility and the pool looks wider and larger.