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Avant-garde elegance

Explore the sophisticated world of metal-effect ceramics with our exclusive collections. At APE Grupo, we invite you to immerse yourself in a wide range of tiles and claddings that skilfully replicate the appearance of metals such as bronze, copper, silver and gold. Our creations flawlessly emulate the metallic look, offering a contemporary and elegant aesthetic. With various finishes and colours, our metal-effect tiles add a touch of luminosity and sophistication to any space. Discover the charm and versatility of ceramic that reproduces the beauty of metal, creating modern and personality-filled environments.

Immerse yourself in the modern and distinctive aesthetics of our metal-effect tiles and claddings. These ceramic pieces have been painstakingly designed to replicate the appearance of metals, providing an ideal and elegant option for your spaces. With a diverse range of finishes, our metal-effect tiles capture the lustre and reflection that are characteristic of real metal. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these ceramic claddings create a captivating interplay of light and shadow, enhancing the décor of any room. Add a touch of charisma to your environments with our metal-inspired collections.

The metal-effect tiles and claddings from APE Grupo are not only durable and resilient but also offer an ideal solution for spaces that require a specific aesthetic. We highly recommend our porcelain tiles with a metallic effect, combining the durability and strength of porcelain with the allure of a metallic appearance. Our metal-inspired collections are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, on walls and floors, as they are resistant to stains, moisture and abrasions. Enjoy the advantages of metal-look porcelain, with its durability, easy cleaning and versatility to adapt to any decorative style. The unique texture of these tiles adds depth and dimension to your spaces.

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Visual effects

We present a series of collections that draw inspiration from metals. From pieces inspired by Cor-ten steel to surfaces with glossy and matte rust effects, the result is a truly unique structure.

Limitless aesthetics

Metallic grey, oxidised ochre, copper green... With countless options, there are no limits to your imagination when working with ceramic collections inspired by metals.

Conquering spaces

The use of metallic finishes has transcended the boundaries of industrial style, defying established stereotypes. With the advancements in porcelain technology and the wide range of options available, incorporating metal imitations in spaces where it was previously unimaginable has become a reality.

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