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Tradition and innovation

Our ceramic collections draw inspiration from the timeless beauty of clay and terracotta. Step into a world of rustic-style clay tiles; floorings and claddings that capture the essence of ancestral craftsmanship.

In our selection of ceramic collections, we have created tiles that faithfully reproduce the authenticity of clay and terracotta. These ceramic pieces, perfect for floors and walls, evoke an artisanal style, allowing you to create warm and welcoming environments. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to combine these tiles with other finishes, creating original and distinctive spaces that blend the classic with the contemporary.

Our cotto-inspired collections pay tribute to the purity of clay. Each tile reflects the connection between artisanal skill and the earth, resulting in a unique surface and texture. These collections capture the imperfect beauty of clay, infused with passion and poetry. The manufacturing process, removed from industrialisation, preserves imperfections and highlights the artisan’s touch. Through our collections, we connect with our human roots and celebrate the origins of construction and the objects that surround us.

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A journey in time

In recent decades, ceramic tiles have undergone a significant journey to become one of the mediums that best reproduces any material. In cotto-inspired collections, we take a journey back to the age-old origins of ceramics: clay work.

Earth, water and fire

Clay is a fascinating and essential material—it is earth, it is water and, through fire, it takes shape and comes to life.

Evoking emotions

In our cotto-inspired ceramics, we seek to reproduce the emotional impact of artisanal materials, leveraging the precision provided by digital technology. We achieve this through traditional formats as well as small decorative tiles to expand design possibilities, thereby creating spaces where clay tiles take centre stage.

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