Wood-effect ceramics

Warmth and natural beauty

Experience the inherent warmth and natural beauty of our wood-inspired ceramic collections. With striking effects, realistic reproductions and the versatility of porcelain, our designs convey the unique essence of this timeless material. Admire the charm and warmth of wood with our ceramic floorings and claddings.

At APE Grupo, we are passionate about creating cosy and elegant spaces. Our wood-effect tiles are the result of a careful design process and meticulous attention to detail. The real wood effects on our ceramics allow you to enjoy the natural allure of this material without compromising on durability and resistance. Whether used indoors or outdoors, our products offer a wide variety of shades, veins and textures, creating an inviting and authentic atmosphere in any space.

Our wood-effect ceramic collections seamlessly blend rustic aesthetics with modern functionality. With remarkable realism, our ceramic pieces faithfully reproduce the appearance and texture of natural wood, through a wide range of versatile options to suit every style and need. Moreover, our wood-look porcelain stands out for its exceptional resistance to wear, moisture and stains, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

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Wood-inspired collections that stand the test of time, ideal for wood-effect floors.

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Wood-effect ceramic allows for the creation of finishes and textures that closely resemble natural wood, while benefiting from the technical characteristics of advanced porcelain.

Endless possibilities

APE Grupo’s collections offer a wide variety of wood types, formats, colours and finishes, providing endless possibilities to create wood-effect ceramic floors without compromising on the inherent properties of ceramics.

Bringing nature into the home

Interior design trends embrace the integration of nature within the home, merging wood, vegetation and natural textures.

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