Chromatic inspiration: smooth coloured tiles take centre stage in modern spaces


We invite you to step into the vibrant world of our chromatic ceramic collections, where monochromatic colours and textures on smooth tiles radiate vitality and joy. Immerse yourself in a universe where colour takes the spotlight and transforms your indoor and outdoor spaces into a reflection of your personal style and individuality.

At APE Grupo, we honour the origins of ceramics with our chromatic collections, enhancing the essence of enamels and colours in smooth tiles. We understand the power of colour and its ability to evoke sensations. Our ceramic floorings and claddings offer a wide range of monochromatic colours, from timeless and elegant shades to bold and trendy choices. We want your spaces to exude life and joy, allowing you to experiment with formats and textures to create unique and avant-garde designs.

In our chromatic collections for smooth floors and claddings, we thrive on exploring new possibilities of colour and reimagining classic shades with a modern and fresh twist. Beyond offering smooth ceramics, we also delve into 3D textures, adding depth and dynamism to your spaces. From marbles to ceramics resembling cement and wood, we combine different materials to achieve a versatile and exhilarating palette of colours and textures. ‘To each their own’ is our motto, and our chromatic style infuses vitality and energy into any space, be it homes, restaurants or fashion boutiques. Discover how the power of colour transforms your environment in a captivating visual experience.

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Chromatic collections that explore the possibilities of enamels and colours.

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Striking decoration

Our chromatic ceramic collections feature vibrant colours intertwined with decorative motifs inspired by plants and animals, creating stunning and eye-catching spaces.

Natural colours

Turn your spaces into true works of art by leveraging the versatility of our ceramics to create stylish designs and stand out in the current trend of nature-inspired décor.

Ignite imagination

A fascinating universe of shapes and colours awaits, igniting the imagination and awakening the senses. Every detail is meticulously designed to discover the magic, surprise and harmony of our chromatic collections, where smooth tiles take centre stage. Allow yourself to be embraced by the combination of colours and nuanced graphics.

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