A world of functional alternatives for the home

APE BEST FOR YOU an extensive and varied catalogue of 210 product ranges each in a variety of formats and finishes, produced using a selection of different techniques and designed for every kind of home or commercial environment.
APE BEST FOR YOU is Spain's leading tile trading company, offering services in 107 countries, across 5 continents.

Design collections

Our company's complete devotion to service has driven us in our continual development of new product ranges fitting the specific décor requirements of each market.
CARMEN CERAMIC ART has become one of the world's leading firms, having the largest number of items in its catalogue, with around 3,000 product created especially to match the peculiarities and aesthetic and functional needs of each particular market.

Almera is functionality

Our company was founded in 2013 in direct response to our customers' wishes, allowing us to offer a wider selection of decorative pieces in this changing market.
In very little time our new and exciting brand rose to become one of the most prestigious of our industry and on this time we have more than 40 collections and 16 different sizes.

Technical Solutions

You can harmonize the inside and the outside of your home and cover endlees unique locations
Ape Group markets through this brand a very differentiated product for a total of more than 10,000 references. A natural product line, manufactured by vertical extrusion and fired at very high temperature, resulting in high-quality extruded- clinker paving tiles.

Staron® Solid surfaces

Staron®, a high-performance acrylic solid surface material, is known for excellent workability and easy maintenance. Staron’s internal composition is uniformand non-porous; its textures are elegant and stylish. Offering a wide variety of patterns and colours, Staron® is a durable surface for creative interior design of commercial and residential spaces.