27 April, 2023

APE Grupo shows its author’s ceramics at Casa Decor

Organic Flows Space by Erico Navazo at Casa Decor

APE Grupo has begun its fourth consecutive participation in Casa Decor, the annual interior design and interior design exhibition in Madrid. Fifty spaces are presented whose environments have been decorated by professionals and young promises in the sector.

The largest ceramic retailer in Europe is present in three Casa Decor spaces: ‘Organic Flows’, designed by Erico Navazo, ‘Planos y fondos’ by Argo Arquitectura, and ‘Vuelve al origen’ by Hag Design.

In ‘Organic Flows’, Erico Navazo presents a space that explores nature and the connection with it, taking inspiration from the bathroom as an idyllic space and giving it the prominence it deserves.

The APE Grupo Esencia Material collection, designed by Navazo, is present in this space and offers a ceramic collection that amplifies emotions and affection towards the essence of simple, honest and unique materials in the hands of the award-winning interior designer.

On the other hand, ‘Planos y fondos’ by Argo Arquitectura stands out for its originality and good taste, with a risky proposal that seeks to convey unique emotions and sensations. The AMA collection from APE Grupo, designed by Luigi Romanelli, is present in this space and reproduces a microterrazzo surface with geometric inlays that follow the Peano curve. This collection allows hundreds of different compositions thanks to simple tools such as the color palette and format changes.

Finally, in the space ‘Vuelve al origen’ by Hag Design, APE Grupo presents its collections of decorative and small-format ceramics Downtown and Mambo. Here it seeks to convey a sensation of luxury and comfort through the careful selection of materials and elements. decorative.

The Casa Decor spaces will be open to the public from April 13 to May 28 in an iconic building located at number 92 Calle Serrano in Madrid.

With this participation in Casa Decor through these three spaces, APE Grupo consolidates its presence in the interior design and design sector, offering high-quality ceramic solutions and exclusive design.